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When your primary relationship is successful, you are able to perform at the highest levels in all other dimensions of your life. Can you afford to not have that highest purpose, highest performing relationship?

Moving through the world with intense focus, decisiveness and a desire to make a difference, means you function at a high level. This may also mean you carry hidden trauma that can affect your closest relationships. This LoveWorks can help you develop the skills and strategies to create and maintain exceptional relationships.

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About This LoveWorks

What is This LoveWorks

Marianne Marlow’s firsthand experience working with First Responder couples has inspired the creation of This LoveWorks, dedicated to supporting the well-being of those who dedicate their lives to serving others.

Specializing in couples with high-stress professions, This LoveWorks offers more than therapy; it’s a process of relational transformation that harnesses the most relevant, accessible, and up-to-date relationship information available. Our programs utilize cutting-edge relationship-building techniques backed by the latest research and scholarship, designed to help couples foster thriving relationships.

This LoveWorks is world-changing. The work we do together has the potential to ignite a spark that will go out to the entire world. Healthy couples shape families, which can heal communities. And healthy families and communities can change the world.

This LoveWorks is more than therapy. We offer a unique approach for couples who are serious about transforming their relationship.

Help for Couples

Couples Therapy

You deserve to be number one, to have someone who has your back, someone to stand for you even when you cannot do so for yourself. That’s what we all want in our relationship. Learn how to get it, and give it.

Retreats & Workshops

Sometimes your relationship needs something a little different than traditional counseling. This LoveWorks offers intensives, workshops and retreats to keep your relationship strong!

Online Courses

Release stumbling blocks in your relationship; reach the heart of communication with tools, strengthen your relationship with an online course.

This Love Works

Training For Therapists

Refresh your couples’ practice, learn a technique to quickly find the underlying issues for couples, and effectively help couples to learn to help each other calm the collective nervous system of the relationship for a significant and long-lasting change!

You know you do good work with couples and now it is time to up-level your practice with something different and unique, well-aligned with who you are.

Learn an integrative approach to resolving destructive patterns of behavior using mind, body, and soul wisdom. It provides an intense level of healing, lasting understanding, and deep awareness of what motivates behavior and will help you differentiate your work with clients. This training will advance your practice, provide a highly-effective technique to enhance your practice, and expand your clientele and expertise.


Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity to make a difference.

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