Accelerated Couples Transformation

When your primary relationship is successful, you are able to perform at the highest levels in all other dimensions of your life. Can you afford to not have that highest purpose, highest performing relationship?

Transform Your Relationship

This 5-month intensive workshop is designed for couples wanting all dimensions of their lives to be fulfilling and to have a purpose.

This workshop will help you and your partner:

  • Learn to release self-defeating patterns
  • Develop mind, body, emotional, and spiritual connection with your partner
  • Strengthen choices using intuitive wisdom and love, rather than fear
  • Attract and maintain the healthiest, most loving, sexiest, and fulfilling relationship
  • Manifest goals to improve prosperity and abundance in the relationship
  • Learn practical steps to remove unconscious blocks and shift to meaningful action and healing with a deeper life purpose

Accelerated Couples Transformation

5-Month, highly intensive workshop for couples

Intensives 2023 – 2024

Have you ever wanted to finally and once and for all, have the relationship you always dreamed of?

Accelerated Couples Transformation
5-Month, high intensive for couples

How it Works

  • Hybrid Workshop which will meet virtually and in-person
  • Duration: One weekend per month for five months.
  • Times: Fri PM – Sunday PM (with one weekly therapy meeting with Marianne Marlow lasting 2 hrs.

For the confidentiality of our clients, we do not publish exact dates or locations. Please fill out the interest form and we will review your information and contact you.