Does a Midlife Crisis Lead to Divorce?

Cartoons often depict middle-aged people amid a midlife crisis indulging in out-of-character purchases and activities – red sports cars, motorcycles, skydiving, and dressing like teenagers, with a spouse at their side wondering, “What is going on? Who is this person that I no longer know? Are we heading to divorce court?” Setting those images aside, a midlife crisis involves much more than acting like a person who is twenty+ years younger, and it does not always lead to separation in a marriage.

Why the First Year of Marriage Is So Hard – And How to Get Through It Together

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You have married your special person and now your life together feels incredibly hard. You may wonder what is wrong with your marriage, “We have not even been married a year yet!” You may be concerned about stirring up more conflict with your spouse, so you avoid approaching the topic. You might not seek advice from others, not even your best friend, because you do not want anyone to think that your marriage is falling apart. If this describes your scenario, know that what you are experiencing is common.

Why You Should Never Talk about Divorce during These 5 Times in Your Life

Situations that bring major stress into our lives usher in challenges that can wreak havoc in our relationships. It can feel easier during these rough times to think that a change, such as a divorce, is the ‘thing’ that will make life better. But is this true? Waiting until difficult periods in our lives end can give us a much better perspective.