Couples Counseling

This LoveWorks offers couples therapy, hypnotherapy and premarital counseling in Bellevue, WA.

When you’ve done all you know to do and things aren’t getting better in your relationship, it might be time to reach out for help. No matter how long you have been with your partner, all relationships can benefit from the work that is done in couples counseling.

Gain the relationship you desire

This LoveWorks utilizes the most cutting edge and effective techniques and practices that help partners to shore up areas of weakness, improve communication and navigate choppy waters in times of crisis. You and your partner will gain the skills and education to:

  • Develop a deeper connection
  • Nurture, soothe and help each other
  • Recognize dysfunction, and learn to fight fair
  • Heal your relationship quickly when things get off track

Couples counseling topics

This LoveWorks counseling is beneficial for married, not married, and same-sex couples, Some of the issues we can help with include:

  • Infidelity
  • Communication
  • Sexual intimacy
  • In-laws & extended family
  • Financial disagreements
  • Parenting disagreements

You deserve to be number one, to have someone who has your back, someone to stand for you even when you cannot do so for yourself. That’s what we all want in our relationship. Learn how to get it and give it.