Couples Intensive

Sometimes a relationship reaches a point of crisis. This feeling can stem from many issues such as trouble communicating, affairs, betrayal, struggle with sexual intimacy, or other trauma that has impacted your relationship.

It’s OK to get help

This 2 and a half day intensive workshop is designed for couples that have tried to resolve their issues already – either yourself or in therapy and feel like you are stuck in a cycle of crisis and pain.

In this workshop you and you will partner will learn:

  • How to move forward in the relationship
  • Clarity around closing the relationship with integrity (if needed)
  • Relief of symptoms such as constant arguing, passive aggression, “the silent treatment”, and lying
  • Tools to support each other in your journey
  • Restored Intimacy
  • Resolutions in trust issues and infidelity
  • Clarity of the blind spots in your relationship
  • Accountability and responsibility to move forward

Relationship Rescue

1:1 In-person intensive workshop for couples
Intensives 2023 – 2024

Is your relationship in need of a rescue? Resolve relationship issues quickly and emerge stronger than ever together.

Relationship Rescue
2 and 1/2 day, 1:1 In-person intensive workshop for couples

How it Works

  • Depending on current COVID-19 restrictions, this workshop may be offered online, or in person.
  • Duration: 2.5 consecutive days for a total of 14 hours
  • Times: Wednesday PM (flexible) Thursday, and Friday 9:00am – 4pm with a 90 min lunch break
  • Dates: For the confidentiality of our clients, we do not publish exact dates or locations. Please fill out the interest form and we will review your information and contact you.