Couples Regulation Protocol Training

Refresh your couples’ practice by becoming CoRP certified!

CoRP Certification

Are you ready to refresh your couples’ practice, learn a technique to quickly find the underlying issues for couples, and to effectively help couples to learn to help each other calm the collective nervous system of the relationship for significant and long-lasting change?

CoRP was developed after years of refining a hypnotherapy technique for couples combining, consciousness work, attachment theory, and neuroscience. It is offered for trained therapists looking for something different to enhance their practice.

CoRP provides an intense level of healing, lasting understanding, and deep awareness of what motivates behavior and will help you differentiate your work with clients. This training will advance your practice, provide a highly-effective technique to enhance your work, and expand your clientele and expertise.

CoRP provides you with proven techniques to sharpen your skills working with couples to reduce conflict, increase connection, and improve the couples once practiced skill of helping each other. This is a comprehensive training focused on hypnotherapy, consciousness training, attachment techniques, and neuroscience to give you step-by-step skills to help you move couples you’ve felt stuck with and increase your income with this unique and efficient technique.

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