Deepening Your Connection Series

Do you desire a more intimate connection with your partner? You can strengthen your relationship and build greater intimacy with our online series!

Deepen Your Relationship

This 8-week online webinar series is built to help you enrich intimate connections by exploring communication in the following seven dimensions of couples’ relationships

  • Physical connections
  • Intuitive connection
  • Daily communication
  • Humor
  • Spiritual connections
  • Recommitment

This series utilizes meditation, group processes, and various therapy techniques to help you reclaim your strong connection to yourself and your partner

Deepening Your Connection Series
8-Week online webinar series for couples

How it Works

  • This series is held online
  • Duration: Every Wednesday for 5 weeks
  • Times: 7:15 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Price: $647.00
  • Dates: Our webinar series are offered on an ‘as needed’ basis to couples who need help now.

Please fill out the interest form and we will review your information and contact you with our next course availability.