How Couples can Use Good Conflict Hygiene in Money Conversations

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Marianne Marlow, MA, LMHC is a presenter, trainer, psychotherapist, relationship specialist, and relationship advocate.  Ms. Marlow is the founder of a company devoted to creating the healthiest and most vibrant relationships. Marianne worked on corporate team development for 15 years with some of the largest tech companies in the country.  “I wanted to really understand what makes great relationships work – to help people find freedom and joy and the most elevated relationship ever. I want my clients to experience world-class relationships”!

Now, as a relationship therapist for almost 20 years, Marianne sits with couples during the most challenging times in their relationships. She asks questions that facilitate understanding, healing, and change.

Marianne Marlow was a podcast guest on “A Wealthy Life for Her” with Tresa Leftenant, owner of Reinventing Her Money. The podcast discussed, “How Couples can Use Good Conflict Hygiene in Money Conversations”.

If you’ve ever had conflicts with your spouse or partner over money, you’re not alone. Financial concerns are among the most common sources of disagreement for couples.

In fact, it’s one of the top five things couples fight about in my practice.  Money is a big one because it involves our survival instincts. As humans, we instinctively know what is vital to our survival: food, water, shelter, etc.

Instincts drive behaviors and when it comes to motivation around money the same is true.

There are some steps we can take to have good “conflict hygiene” in our relationship. These are:

  1. Allow honesty with ourselves about what is really going on with “our” money. What is the conflict?

  2. Get on the same side of the money conflict – whether it is mine or yours – it’s now our issue (I’ve spent money you don’t know about – make it our problem)

Listen to the complete podcast Using Good Conflict Hygiene in Money Conversations with Marianne Marlow.

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