How Regular Maintenance Counseling Helps Couples with Future Problems, Before They Are a Problem

by Aug 26, 2022Counseling, Marriage, Relationship

Corporate teambuilding typically focuses on communication amongst and between members, listening to the ideas of others, and getting members to cooperate and work together to solve common challenges.

What does this have to do with maintenance counseling and personal relationships?

Teambuilding and the benefits that are derived strike a similarity to those of couples maintenance counseling. Both strengthen relationships and include effective preventative measures that are taken to avoid future problems before they are a problem.

How Regular Maintenance Counseling Helps Couples

Many marriages suffer because of the stigma that a relationship must be in serious trouble if the couple is going for counseling. Not only is this assumption false, but it is also dangerous because it leads people to wait until the relationship has crashed before committing to couples therapy, which makes salvaging the relationship much more difficult.

Regular maintenance counseling is a healthy option for couples to proactively approach their relationship. Preventative counseling could be your first step in protecting your relationship to ensure success.

Regular maintenance counseling helps couples develop a deeper connection through:

Improved Communication

All relationships benefit from effective communication. Counseling can help improve deep and honest communication and can provide the building blocks to ensure both you and your partner both feel heard and understood.

“I believe the greatest gift I can conceive of having from anyone is to be seen by them, heard by them, to be understood and touched by them.”

– Virginia Satir

Conflict Resolution

Conflict and disagreements are a part of life, even in the healthiest of relationships. How you deal with conflict, and how you continue to support and nurture your person despite conflict, can make or break your relationship.

Couples counseling can help you manage and heal relationship conflict quickly when things go off track. Counseling teaches you and your partner how to navigate discord in a healthy and creative way that can deepen your relationship vs. creating deep and long-lasting wounds.

Dysfunction Recognition

We don’t know what we don’t know, and that means that people often do not have knowledge of what they are missing. The ‘what we are missing?’ in a relationship can be anything invisible to the untrained eye (hidden hurts, lack of trust, poor communication, feelings of boredom, sexual issues, etc.). A couple’s counselor is a catalyst who recognizes and identifies behaviors and patterns and helps you work through dysfunction.

Creating a Safe Space

The sense that you are safe in your relationship, that someone (your special person) has your back, and that they stand up for you even when you cannot do so for yourself, is reinforced in the couples counseling environment. This helps you and your partner to open up despite any feelings of vulnerability. It promotes honesty and the healthy navigation of challenges.

Emotional intimacy between you and your partner is enhanced as you are allowed to be wholly who you are in a neutral and safe place.

Personal Development and Growth

Couples maintenance counseling is not only beneficial for your relationship, but it is healthy for you individually. As you gain self-awareness you also obtain personal growth, which offshoots to every aspect of your life, including your professional life.

Through couples counseling, you learn a lot about yourself. You learn how to set boundaries, how to navigate conflict, and how to communicate effectively. These areas of growth and honed-up skills can positively transform multiple areas of your life for many years to come.

Are you Interested in Maintenance Counseling?

You may be looking for ways to protect your relationship, to develop a deeper intimate connection, or to recognize and fight dysfunction. Maintenance counseling is a positive way to reach out for help and ensure that your love works!

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