Insurance Information


Prestige Medical Billing
Mailing Address
14535 Bel-Red Road Suite 202
Bellevue, WA 98007
(360) 805-0323

This LoveWorks is only in network with Premera and its affiliated Networks and will bill only those insurance companies.

Most medical insurance companies provide coverage for Licensed Mental Health Counselors and/or Behavioral Health. If you are unclear about your benefits we recommend you to check with your insurance provider so you are clear about what is covered. It is your responsibility to understand eligibility for this benefit.

We will be happy to supply you with a Superbill which is an itemized statement and diagnosis, which you may submit for reimbursement. It is your responsibility to submit your own insurance claim forms.

This LoveWorks requires full payment at time of service if for out-of-network. Payment methods accepted are check or debit/credit cards.

Any missed appointment fees are your responsibility to pay since insurance companies will not pay for these fees.