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Neuroscience tells us that when we threaten, others will pay attention - because the brain goes into its natural response state to threats - the flight/fright/freeze response. But how do you get your partner to pay attention, without resorting to threats? If you want your partner to pay attention, you should pay attention to these three things.

When the honeymoon phase is long over, we need to work to be more intentional - to bring novelty back into the relationship. To let your partner know that you see them, you understand them, and you want them. One way you can do this is by checking in with each other and your marriage regularly, and recognizing the areas where your relationship might need a tune-up.

Without the full acknowledgement of the affair and ongoing commitment, most relationships can’t heal after an affair, because the fear that comes after infidelity must be dealt with in a real and consistent way. You need to ensure that your person’s needs are being met.