Pre-Marital Counseling Bellevue

There is 30 percent higher marital success rate for couples who received counseling before their wedding than those who did not!

Premarital counseling helps to prepare the couples mentally for marriage and makes sure you and your partner can have a strong, healthy, and high-quality relationship.

Typically, the goal of premarital counseling is to identify and address any potential areas of conflict in a relationship early on and teach partners effective strategies for discussing and resolving conflict. My preference is to work with the couple at least six months prior to wedding.

I love working with couples who are ready to take the next step in their relationship. The consciousness and openness at the beginning of that stage leads to learning and the development of healthy habits. I cover the 5 areas that a couple needs to focus on so that they are ready to go deeper in their relationship.

I am also an officiant and would be honored to perform your ceremony.

As a relationship coach and couples’ therapist for 21 years, I absolutely love officiating weddings and other relationship milestones. I am so happy to work with you to create the event of your dreams and facilitate the ‘official’ part of the process. Whether it is your first wedding or another chance at a fulfilling marriage, whether you are looking for a traditional affair or something that fits more of an eclectic vibe, I follow your lead for the day you dream of. If you are looking for a wedding officiant, go here to get started.