Episode 1: Raising the Bar for Exceptional Relationships

by Jan 25, 2022Podcast

Learning from Real Couples

This LoveWorks podcast is a project that grew out of my love for my couple’s stories and how much I learn from and with them.  As a professionally trained psychotherapist, I discovered there were characteristics of relationships, even with couples that were having challenges, that would either drive them further apart of create secure and ultimately healthy relationships.

There are certain key aspects of relationships that enable couples to have not just good relationships, but extraordinary ones. I wanted to work with couples that ended up having the kind of relationships that I wanted, that were enviable, high-performing, and completely fulfilling. I began looking for the special things that couples believed about themselves and the relationship and then behaved consistent with those beliefs and what I discovered was fascinating.

This LoveWorks raises the bar for exceptional relationships. From corporate couples, couples who work together, couples in the medical field, entrepreneurial couples, and couples who have overcome incredible odds, I will share the characteristics and then interview couples that will share their stories to inspire and inform us. These couples master the art of healthy, passionate relationships.  This LoveWorks features cutting-edge research and relationship science aligning with real couples who will share their secrets with us.  They show us what makes real love work.

We do better in our whole life, when we do better in our love life.  We can devote more cycles to excellence in other areas of life including friends and family, work, and outside things we enjoy.  So it is critical that we learn, as couples, to clean up our acts, fight fair, and learn to repair and heal our relationships by creating the greatest safety for emotional intimacy and safe variety for sexual intimacy.  Feeling discontent in our primary relationship threatens all of that.  So, I became fully invested in learning how to heal my own relationship and help couples create the highest functioning and most fulfilling relationships.

What to expect from the show

I have divided the show into three segments.

  1. The first will be an interview of a couple that make it work together.  These couples fascinate me with their unique ability to make their relationship work and thrive.  There are common themes that emerge while talking with these couples and they are excellent guides for healthy relationships we can all take a page from.  Each couple that I bring you will provide their own special take on the magic of making it work.

  2. Second, I will be expanding on a topic that the couple discusses. I am admittedly kind of a neuroscience nerd.  I have always been fascinated about the why in a relational dynamic.  I draw on neuroscience, social science, behavioral science, and developmental science to learn about what makes healthy relationships tick.  In our time together, we will explore some of the most interesting, cutting-edge, and well documented couples data as well as alternative methods that work in ways we never expected like hypnotherapy and consciousness techniques.

  3. Last, but not least, we will practice some kind of mindfulness to help ground our selves, manage energy and emotions, and improve overall well being.