Intense, transformational experiences, for relationships in crisis

Couples Relationship Intensives & Workshops

For couples that are experiencing a crisis or who want to dig deeper into their relationship, we offer several options for couples intensives.

Relationship Intensives are a unique alternative to traditional weekly counseling sessions.

By removing all distractions in a concentrated time frame – intensives allow you to get to the root of the problems in your relationship quickly, allowing you and your partner the ability to gain the skills you need to strengthen your relationship.

Both of our intensives were created by relationship expert Marianne Marlow who uses innovative relationship building techniques built on the latest research to train couples how to have a thriving relationship.

How to begin one of our programs:

  • Look through the information about the two different intensive workshops below. If you are unsure of which one would benefit your relationship, you can contact us to schedule a diagnostic session with Marianne.
  • If you have never worked with Marianne before you will have to go through a screening process. This session is to make sure that we are a good fit to work together, and that you are placed in the right program. 
  • All details of an upcoming intensive will be emailed to you upon request (by filling out the form below). For security measures, we do not publish the locations + dates of upcoming in-person retreats. 
  • If you have any questions that are not covered by the information on this page, please reach out via the form below and we will get back to you ASAP!

Who can benefit from an intensive?

Both of our intensives can help couples who want to:

  1. Refresh some parts of their marriage 
  2. Eliminate obstacles/issues that are repeated in their relationship 
  3. Decide to stay or go

We encourage you to start with a diagnostic session with Marianne to see which intensive is the best fit for you and your partner.

Relationship Refresh

This 2 and a half day intensive workshop is designed for couples that have tried to resolve their issues already – either yourself or in therapy and feel like they are stuck in a cycle of crisis and pain. Learn more.

Accelerated Couples Transformation (ACT)

This workshop intensive spans 5 months in intervals of one weekend a month and will help you strengthen your relationship in a deep and meaningful way; transforming your relationship and your life. Learn more.

This 2 and a half day intensive workshop is designed for couples that have tried to resolve their issues already – either yourself or in therapy and feel like you are stuck in a cycle of crisis and pain. 

In this workshop you and you will partner will learn:

  • How to move forward in the relationship
  • Clarity around closing the relationship with integrity (if needed)
  • Relief of symptoms such as constant arguing, passive aggression, “the silent treatment”, and lying
  • Tools to support each other in your journey
  • Restored Intimacy
  • Resolutions in trust issues and infidelity
  • Clarity of the blind spots in your relationship
  • Accountability and responsibility to move forward

Program Details

  • Offered in a 1:1 private format
  • Depending on current COVID-19 restrictions, this workshop may be offered online, or in person.
  • Duration: 2.5 consecutive days for a total of 14 hours
  • Times: Wednesday PM (flexible) Thursday, and Friday 9:00am – 4pm with a 90 min lunch break

Who Can Benefit

  • Couples who are in the midst of crisis and need more intense help than weekly therapy sessions can offer.

This 5-month intensive workshop is designed for couples wanting all dimensions of their lives to be fulfilling and to have a purpose.

This workshop will help you and your partner:

  • Learn to release self-defeating patterns
  • Develop mind, body, emotional, and spiritual connection with your partner
  • Strengthen choices using intuitive wisdom and love, rather than fear
  • Attract and maintain the healthiest, most loving, sexiest, and fulfilling relationship
  • Manifest goals to improve prosperity and abundance in the relationship
  • Learn practical steps to remove unconscious blocks and shift to meaningful action and healing with a deeper life purpose

Program Details

  • Offered in a hybrid 1:1 online and retreat format.The retreat weekends will include group work with other couples
  • Duration: One weekend per month for five months.
  • Times: Fri PM – Sunday PM (with one weekly therapy meeting with Marianne Marlow lasting 2 hrs.

Who Can Benefit

  • Couples who are ready to ‘dig-deep’ into their relationship.
  • Couples who desire to stay in their relationship – even if they are currently experiencing conflict.

Fill out the following form to get more information back about the intensive you are interested in. If you are unsure, please request an appointment with Marianne.

Intensive couples therapy is not recommended when there is an ongoing or undisclosed affair that either partner is not willing to end or disclose, when there is serious violence in the relationship, if there is active alcohol and/or drug addiction in one or both partners, if one partner is suicidal or homicidal, if either partner is threatening the other with serious violence, if there is fear that a partner may become violent, or if either partner currently has an untreated serious mental illness.

There are some risks involved in participating in intensive couples therapy and this therapy type is not for couples who are not committed to the concentrated nature of the therapeutic process. You and/or your partner may experience uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anxiety, anger, loneliness, and helplessness and there is a chance that difficulties between you and your partner may be temporarily amplified. Before you begin registration for an intensive or workshop you will be required to schedule a 30-minute consultation with Marianne to make sure you and your partner are ready for this experience.

Marianne’s guidance has helped us immensely. We trust her completely, and her steady confidence in our ability to work through conflict and navigate challenging terrain within our relationship has been transformative. The tools and techniques she provides are invaluable and we feel grateful to have her on our side.

We can’t thank her enough. S&J

“Marianne’s guidance is very tangible and not theoretical in nature, which helped when one of us in the relationship was skeptical about couples therapy and did not have much experience with counseling in general. She is very adept at building trust with all participants and is not interested in ‘taking sides’ in the relationship. Marianne is very much focused on giving couples the tools they need to navigate situations on their own once they have gotten comfortable with those same tools while working with her directly.” – M&J

About the Facilitator

Marianne Marlow is a presenter, trainer, psychotherapist, relationship specialist, and relationship advocate. The foundation of her work is relationships lead to personal transformation.

Ms. Marlow is the founder of a company devoted to creating the healthiest and most vibrant relationships. Among her areas of focus are consciousness development, and healing shock and trauma through healthy relationships.

Helping couples dedicated to creating healthy relationships, Marianne believes secure relationships are at the foundation of the family and ultimately change the world.