Relationship Essentials Series

Are you disconnected from your partner or are frustrated with the lack of effective communication? Maybe you are hitting the same issues repeatedly without resolution?

Reconnect Your Relationship

This 5-week online webinar series helps you gain understanding of your partner’s vulnerabilities and know how to provide the antidote to them. You will learn what it means to protect each other and become aware of each other’s needs.

What does the series offer you?

  • Definition of Attachment and Attunement in adult relationships
  • Exploring threats in relationships
  • Learning “The principle of Thirds”
  • Managing Thirds through healthy boundaries
  • Defining the difference between content vs context in your relationships
  • Looking at The Warring/Loving Brain: How You Can Keep the Love Alive
  • Early Repair tools
  • Establish Frequent and Meaningful Gestures for your partner

Relationship Essentials Series
5-Week online webinar series for couples

How it Works

  • This series is held online
  • Duration: Every Wednesday for 5 weeks
  • Times: 7:15 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Price: $197.00
  • Dates: Our webinar series are offered on an ‘as needed’ basis to couples who need help now.

Please fill out the interest form and we will review your information and contact you with our next course availability.