Does Marriage Have to Be Hard?

young Indian couple arguing and upset with each other

There are literally endless reasons why a marriage or a long-term relationship can feel difficult, for example, poor conflict navigation, lack of work/life balance, infidelity, and waning intimacy. Studies indicate that stressful life transitions, such as having children, moving to a different home, job loss or change, and major illness or injury, can lead to a decline in how partners feel about their relationship, and this can make maintaining a relationship feel much harder.

Living with a Critical Partner

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Romantic relationships typically start off with people that are on their best behavior. As a couple gets used to each other and the newness wanes off, partners begin to see their person as ‘real’ and complete, but not perfect. Nobody likes everything about their partner, however, and learning to navigate differences is crucial. It requires working together, and not habitually finding fault or criticizing the smallest of things.

Does Resentment Kill a Relationship?

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Resentment can really damage a relationship, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the relationship. While we may think of anger being expressed as stomping around or slamming doors or, on the other hand, as giving the silent treatment, resentment is anger in another form. Resentment is just anger that isn’t being expressed. It’s being held inside, and that’s something that stays with us. It eventually seeps into the relationship. 

Are You Passive-Aggressive in Your Relationship?

When a partner regularly uses passive-aggression instead of openly talking about the issues, it is damaging to the relationship, and dysfunction sets in. How do you spot it in a relationship, and most importantly, how do you fix it.

I Just Discovered Infidelity, Now What?

When you discover infidelity, anger, resentfulness, betrayal, hurt, and numbness typically side up with shock. If any of this describes you, it is imperative to allow yourself time to just breathe.

Always Assume the Best

When we assume the best, we give our partner and our relationship space to be their very best – we cultivate an environment where open and honest communication thrives.

Take a Deeper Dive to Heal Relationship Conflict

Then we are on opposite sides of an issue and that is when we start to ‘dig in and fight for our territory’ but to get to the root of a relational conflict, here is a process to help you and your partner take a deeper dive in conflict resolution, develop intimacy, and understand the depth of the pain.