What Do I Do if I Don’t Find My Spouse Physically Attractive Anymore?

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A common question I get is “What do I do if I don’t find my spouse physically attractive anymore? Can we move past this?” I see positive elements of hope in the way these questions are worded. This person acknowledges awareness, they know that they are missing feelings or thoughts about their partner that they once had. Secondly, they are seeking help. Thirdly, they want to move beyond the problem, and they want to save their relationship. This is a solid starting point to “move past this.”

Moving Forward After an Affair – The Good, the Bad, and the Healthy Way to Move Forward

Coping with an affair may be one of the most difficult journeys that you experience in your life, and in the pain and complexity of it all, you may be wondering if you will heal, or if your relationship will survive. The truth is that you can heal. You can trust again. You can love again. Your relationship can survive, but recovery is a slow process, and it is never the same for everyone. It will take time and effort from both you and your partner.