Does Resentment Kill a Relationship?

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Resentment can really damage a relationship, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the relationship. While we may think of anger being expressed as stomping around or slamming doors or, on the other hand, as giving the silent treatment, resentment is anger in another form. Resentment is just anger that isn’t being expressed. It’s being held inside, and that’s something that stays with us. It eventually seeps into the relationship. 

Why You Should Never Talk about Divorce during These 5 Times in Your Life

Situations that bring major stress into our lives usher in challenges that can wreak havoc in our relationships. It can feel easier during these rough times to think that a change, such as a divorce, is the ‘thing’ that will make life better. But is this true? Waiting until difficult periods in our lives end can give us a much better perspective.