The Importance of Individual Therapy in a Trauma Based Industry

by Feb 4, 2022First Responders, Trauma

If you work in a trauma-based industry, how important is individual therapy in your life?

It can be very tempting to offload your work experiences on your partner but can this cause harm in your relationship?

First responders and people in the medical field or other trauma-based industries can fall into a trap with their partner of unloading your experiences on them. But using your partner as a sounding board for your trauma can transfer it to them. This secondary trauma can be very hurtful not just to your person, but to you, as well.

If your experiences through your job have gone deeper inside you, creating a PTSD response, it is critical that you see a therapist so that you don’t let this trauma come between you and your partner.

In the following video, Marianne Marlow talks about how couples who work in trauma-based industries can strengthen their communication as a couple, without transferring secondary trauma to their partner.

Find a trauma-trained therapist

By working with an individual therapist (and couples counselor) trained in trauma, you can learn to set boundaries, focus on yourself and your experience (rather than the event) when talking to your partner about your trauma, and avoid placing that secondary trauma on them.

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